McAfee expands beyond antivirus to protect identity theft

McAfee’s primary focus has been to provide antivirus software system to over 375 million customers, however currently the company is adding new partnerships to drive more growth.

The company announces these days that it’s increasing to the market of protection against fraud. The idea is to produce protection within the areas of connected home, on-line security for youngsters, privacy and now protection against identity theft. It is AN acknowledgment that the present threat landscape is growing all told sides of digital life.

McAfee HomePage Banner 2.jpg

In the wake of some large information breaches, McAfee fraud Protection permits users to adopt a proactive approach with personal watching, financial monitoring and recovery tools. McAfee created the announcements at CES 2018, the massive technology fair in urban center on.

McAfee also provides security for a new D-Link Wi-Fi router that will automatically protect connected users’ home devices.

And the company is protecting Samsung’s secure Wi-Fi with back-end technology for Galaxy Note8 customers in Europe.

The latest product and services embody McAfee fraud Protection, McAfee Secure Home Platform, McAfee Safe Family and McAfee Safe Connect. The company is partnering with a range of hardware, computer code and broadband suppliers to stay customers safer.


“Data breaches square measure increasing in volume and, therefore, question United Nations agency shoppers will think about to stay their personal data safe,” said John Giamatteo, executive vice president of the consumer group of McAfee, in a statement. “Today, 375 million shoppers round the world think about McAfee to guard the foremost vital things, whether their devices, their children’s online security or their identity and privacy.” McAfee Support could be a name similar with cyber security, one that shoppers will think about to still evolve and pioneer to reassure the minds of shoppers once the uncertainty of digital security is high. ”

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