McAfee Total Protection Installation & Download through Product key

McAfee Total Protection (MTP) is a total security programming bundle, highlighting antivirus and anti spyware assurance for the web and email, home system insurance, reinforcement and information assurance, parental controls and improvement apparatuses.

McAfee Total security introduced and “Introduce Wizard”, take when the directions as you choose your level of assurance. Distinctive preventive devices you have to consider before you introduce Total Protection program. Keep rebellious frameworks from in view of issues in your system. McAfee Total Security as your security program utilized. The intruders to ensure your PC won’t be required to run extra projects.

McAfee Total Protection’s menu is smooth and uncluttered. Continuous Scanning, which is one of the devices of this program, looks through all drives on your PC searching for infections and malware. At the point when the PC has been filtered, McAfee Total Protection evacuates all infection or you can state dangers or places them in isolate.

Get Started with McAfee total protection (Retail CD)


Select your language with country.

Enter your McAfee Product key, and Click on Submit button.

Follow the up and coming direction of your PC screen.

Visit McAfee Home page. Click My Account to sign up to your McAfee account. In case you’re new user, make a new account.

Download McAfee item which did you buy.

Begin with McAfee total protection (Retail Card)


Enter your 25-digit activation code. Search for it on the card you obtained.

Log in; at In case you’re new user, make a new account.

Download McAfee Product which did you buy

Get Protected.

McAfee Activate Process on

McAfee Activate, Download & complete installation online. We area unit providing independent support service if just in case you face downside to activate or Activate McAfee product. Just fill the shape below and can get in-tuned with you as fast as attainable.
McAfee Activate Process on
The time has almost gone when you need to go to the nearby retail store to buy McAfee CD or DVD and then follow the McAfee Activation Process. Go to the official website where you – McAfee Buy, McAfee Activate, McAfee Activation, McAfee Download and McAfee Installation are no longer a time killing Process. You can buy the McAfee Antivirus Security Retail Card Online from the McAfee Antivirus directly. For Activation of McAfee Product initial time you would like to make Associate in Nursing account on McAfee web site from that account you’ll be able to obtain any relevant Security product of McAfee as per your requirement. Creating or Registering My Account for McAfee Antivirus takes only few minutes of time. You just need to provide or enter a valid Email address and password to get login into your McAfee account. McAfee my account may be having different password associated with your Email address. In case if you forgot the password for McAfee account you can reset the password by clicking on following links made available on McAfee Home page you can get needed help.
Enter the URL in search bar of your search engine. Page will ask you to enter your McAfee 25 product activation key to activate your McAfee Product through If you need assistance or support for your McAfee Activation and Installation, Text to live chat support technician and they will assist you in better way to activate and install your McAfee product. We are also providing complete support solution for Antivirus and Security solutions.
Steps for activation of your McAfee product from

Check for the twenty five digit McAfee Activation Code at the rear of McAfee Antivirus Retail Card.
Enter your Email address.
Create or login into your McAfee account.
Read the license agreement then click on accept.
Note down the serial key whereas putting in for McAfee Antivirus.
Click on download.
Run the set up file to install and Activate McAfee from
Now McAfee Antivirus is in your device.
Redeem & Activate All versions of McAfee products online
Activate McAfee –
McAfee Activate web site for MAV Retailcard (Anti-virus Plus)
McAfee Activate site for MLS Retailcard (Live Safe )
McAfee Activate website for MTP Retailcard (Total quantity Security )
McAfee Activate site for MIS Retailcard (Net Security )

How to Fix Error 12152 While Downloading the McAfee Antivirus Application?

Fix Error 12152 Downloading McAfee Antivirus Application – McAfee Antivirus download and installation method is very simple and needs no technical data. You may face some trouble while downloading or installing the McAfee due to corrupt or missing file from the downloaded package. The missing file will cause the error 12152 while downloading the McAfee Antivirus application on-line.



  • First, you need to ensure the internet connectivity on your system.
  • If not connected then connect it properly, and then try to reset the browser now.
  • In order to reset the browser, open the browser like Internet Explorer.
  • Select Tools, click Internet options, then click on connections tab.
  • Now click LAN settings and then select the Advanced tab.
  • Click Reset then try to download and install the McAfee on your system once more.

The error 12152 could occur because of missing file from the downloaded file. If the internet connection interrupted during the download, this may lead to the corrupt file or missing file from the downloaded package.


  • If you have a security tool already installed on your system then try to uninstall it first.
  • In order to uninstall any security tool, you need to click on the Start button.
  • Select control panel so click Programs and options.
  • Under the program, tab select uninstall a program and then select the product from the list.
  • After selecting the product which you want to remove, click uninstall.
  • Wait till the uninstallation is finished then restart your system.
  • Now you can try to reinstall the McAfee Antivirus on your system.

If you need to install the McAfee Security tool on your system then it is required to uninstall the other security pre-installed security tool first. You can not use the other third-party security tool along with the McAfee product.


  • Open the browser and then download the pre-install tool.
  • Double click to run the Pre-Install tool setup file and then follow the instructions.
  • Click Ok to allow the permission and then wait until the Preinstall completes.
  • Now click Ok and then click Close, to finish the process.
  • After the successful run of Pre Install tool, restart your device.

Now you’ll be able to try and download and install the McAfee software again on your system without any trouble. In case of any trouble, you may call McAfee Support or visit us at

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McAfee antivirus helps users to blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs and different such risks from their computer and mobile phones. The organization has developed completely different product for distinct security needs. Choosing the proper product, you can have online data protection, password management, safe browsing, multiple devices protection and much more. On addition, you can also enjoy a McAfee free trial security services for a certain time.
Accessible on varied OS and devices, users can start experiencing the top-notch security features with McAfee activate. However, if you’re the one trying forward to protective your information, no worries even if you do not have an account on yet. You can create an account without a cost as you only need to have the access on the link.
How do I install McAfee free trial version?
Go and you may see ‘Enter your 25-digit activation code’ page
Take your pointer to the highest left section of the web site and click on on the McAfee activate icon
On following page, opposite to the McAfee activate icon, click on the option of ‘country’ and choose your country
Scroll to the center section of the page and click on ‘Free trials’
You will be directed to the next page
Click on the transfer button out there below ‘McAfee Total Protection Free Trial’

A file with ‘mcafee_trial_setup_000.0000_key’ name will be saved
Run the setup and install McAfee activate on your laptop
Allow permissions if asked and complete the process. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to begin scanning files and folders to shield your laptop.
Always keep in mind that the free trial version of McAfee activate is barely valid for thirty days. Moreover, as you exceed the test period, it’ll become necessary to put in a licenced product from else, all of your information are going to be on the danger of law-breaking and other online risks.

McAfee expands beyond antivirus to protect identity theft

McAfee’s primary focus has been to provide antivirus software system to over 375 million customers, however currently the company is adding new partnerships to drive more growth.

The company announces these days that it’s increasing to the market of protection against fraud. The idea is to produce protection within the areas of connected home, on-line security for youngsters, privacy and now protection against identity theft. It is AN acknowledgment that the present threat landscape is growing all told sides of digital life.

McAfee HomePage Banner 2.jpg

In the wake of some large information breaches, McAfee fraud Protection permits users to adopt a proactive approach with personal watching, financial monitoring and recovery tools. McAfee created the announcements at CES 2018, the massive technology fair in urban center on.

McAfee also provides security for a new D-Link Wi-Fi router that will automatically protect connected users’ home devices.

And the company is protecting Samsung’s secure Wi-Fi with back-end technology for Galaxy Note8 customers in Europe.

The latest product and services embody McAfee fraud Protection, McAfee Secure Home Platform, McAfee Safe Family and McAfee Safe Connect. The company is partnering with a range of hardware, computer code and broadband suppliers to stay customers safer.


“Data breaches square measure increasing in volume and, therefore, question United Nations agency shoppers will think about to stay their personal data safe,” said John Giamatteo, executive vice president of the consumer group of McAfee, in a statement. “Today, 375 million shoppers round the world think about McAfee to guard the foremost vital things, whether their devices, their children’s online security or their identity and privacy.” McAfee Support could be a name similar with cyber security, one that shoppers will think about to still evolve and pioneer to reassure the minds of shoppers once the uncertainty of digital security is high. ”

www McAfee Com Activate to Ensure Better Security Standards from Potential Virus Attack

For your computer or laptop, nothing can be more important than focusing on the data recovery and security – mainly to stay away from any kind of threat. They also look for something that can enhance their operating experience and provide you with precise solutions for streamline the process. Focusing on is one of the vital points to focus on that is the vital process in the software security industry – offering the best security solutions. is the best sources of focusing on some of the innovative ways that keep your system protected from viruses – that always sneaking in the background – crucial to safeguard your device and networks from such risks.

Adapting www McAfee com activate is important to run in the background that will act as a perfect shield not letting your computer slow down. Apart from blocking viruses from entering the device, McAfee com activate also help to remove any existent virus from the computer.  

Reasons to Focus on Antivirus Protection – Required for Your Website

Antivirus protection is important that requires even if the site is not drawing a lot of traffic. In addition to this, hackers are just everywhere ready to attack to steal your important data. A website antivirus is the security assurance of your site by simply identifies the areas where hackers can get access to the administrative panel or can attack visitors through spyware or other viruses.

McAfee Activate provides you with precise solutions from malware and backdoors from sites and even from different viruses that enter through surfing. Not to mention distinctive algorithms that aid in detecting viruses, backdoors, PHP mailers, rootkits, Redirects, and different others.

What Makes McAfee Activate Ideal to Use? is the best source of Malware removal to delete viruses from your site with just a click. In addition to this, The Fast and effective detection of several malware types like Javascript, MySQL, Trojan Horses, PHP Mailers, Redirects etc makes it the ideal option to choose.

McAfee Support is an ideal source for code analysis with PRO version that third party retailer provides you to send files for an extensive analysis where qualified professionals detect any form of malicious code. www McAfee com is the source of security scanner as every single file is scanned for malware; while distinctive Heuristic algorithms for recognizing unknown viruses is an added advantage. There is a lot more than you will get from them.

You will get the list of Malware that can be detected by McAfee support like MySQL & JavaScript, PHP Mailers, and Hidden iFrames, Phishing Page Detection, Website Backdoors & Redirects, Trojan Horses,           Internet Worms, and Adware & Spyware is beneficial in a number of ways that will bring to you a gamut of added features. Now, what is more, important than anything else is to find the right one that is convenient for you.

Get Online Support for McAfee Activate

In order to get support and solutions, what all you have to do is simply go online and search for the right company that is convenient for you and bring to you the best solutions. You can contact from anywhere and anytime. So, what you are looking for, browse McAfee Activate and ensure the security of your system…